Early Spring 2019

February was a very funny month weather wise beginning with snow early on and ending with some very dry and sunny weather. This combination made for a lot of cutting a pruning work as shrubs and bushes – along with the dreaded brambles – got themselves a head start on making themselves known after Winter had passed.

Fencing jobs were also on the agenda after taking a Winter battering and we erected a few new fences along with staining and protecting an existing one to freshen up and maintain our customers’ properties.

Early Spring ended with a huge clear up job on one of our clients properties. Brambles had got out of hand and became too much of a job for the casual gardener. Using some of our new equipment we cut back and safely removed all of the excess foliage and basically reinstated their front lawn.

With Spring the ideal time for laying turf due to the unpredictable wet and dry weather we laid a 40 square metre lawn for one customer, preparing the soil and laying it perfectly. Within a few months this customer will have the perfect lawn to enjoy throughout the Summer and beyond…

One job we’re particularly proud of is this retaining wall and raised patio which has provided the perfect place for Summer barbecues. This is built to last and will just need an annual clean with a pressure washer to keep this in poer

Finally, with warmer weather coming in and frosty mornings a thing of the past, we’ve being mowing lawns all across the Stroud area and beyond as the warm March weather woke the lawns up and we were back to making stripy lawns for families to enjoy.

January 2019

January started off unseasonable warm and we had a decent run of work throughout the month. Given the time of year most of the work fell into the hedge cutting and fencing categories and this kept us busy and ensured that when Spring arrives our customers gardens are already to bloom.

One of many hedge trims leaving a nice finish for when Spring arrives.

Due to the warm and dry weather, hedges grew much quicker than normal so we were inundated with hedge trimming, tree surgery and pruning work. Get in touch and we can provide a free quotation for you.

This new gate and fence made for a much larger rear garden for the customer.